RMC | Vice Chancellor


Professor Dr. Muhammad Umar MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, FACG, FRCP (Lon), FRCP (Glasg), AGAF Vice Chancellor Rawalpindi Medical University Rawalpind

Rawalpindi Medical College has always occupied a unique position in the public sector, being one of the leading medical colleges in South Asia. It serves as an extraordinary interface between health care provision and medical education; with the three allied hospitals bearing the brunt of the city's health care needs, medical and paramedical undergraduate courses that train the sharpest minds of the country, and diverse post-graduate training programs. As the first Rawalian Principal of RMC for the past few years, I'm humbled to say that I've been able to further this legacy driving my alma matter to newer heights. The culmination of these efforts is symbolized in the transition of Rawalpindi Medical College to Rawalpindi Medical University.

This elevation in rank places an increased amount of resources at our disposal, but that necessitates an elevated sense of responsibility to dispense those resources in the most effective manner. A plethora of crude Human Resource has always turned to RMC to be refined for academic and clinical service; this will inevitable increase with this transition in status. My staff and I are fully cognizant that the burden on our shoulders has multiplied. We are fully determined to persevere in our legacy of academic and clinical professionalism and capitalize on these enhanced opportunities to serve our community better.

I am confident that we have the expertise and vigor to make the nascent organization into a national leader in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, state of the art clinical services, and cutting edge research. I congratulate all my colleagues on the success attained so far, and invite them to join hands with renewed zeal for the next leg of the journey