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Welcome to Rawalpindi Medical College.  This institute offers a distinct philosophy of education and facilities to prepare you for a creative professional life.  We are proud of our academic atmosphere and the success we have had with training of extremely capable and humane doctors. 

Rawalpindi Medical College is committed to maintain a diverse and open community of medical students and doctors.  Each year we welcome new medical students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds from across Pakistan and many countries all over the world.  This diverse mixture of talented students enriches our campus and lives of those who study here. 

This brochure provides brief description of the departments and various activities at the campus.  Look through it carefully.  We have tried to make it as informative as possible, so that you may have a quick overview of many opportunities, available to you at your new institution. 

A Medical College should be intellectually and exhilarating and challenging.  You will find Medicine a fascinating field, which elicits from your passionate commitment.  Medical school entails hard work and will call upon resources you may not realize you have; but it is also gateway to many paths in the preparation for action, the opportunity to utilize your creativity, to acquire self-confidence and a strong sense of self identity.  The college had a lot to offer in this regard.  We consider teacher student relations to be very important and rather special.  Your teachers will always listen.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with them should you have any more questions. 


Rawalpindi Medical College is a comprehensive, state-assisted institution of approximately 1200 students that offers a diverse set of academic programs.  All academic programs of the college are accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. 

Established in March 1974 at Faisalabad, the college was shifted to its present premises in November the same year.  So far we have trained 4500 doctors who are serving both at national and international levels.  We have also trained doctors from many regions of the world who are now playing an important role in the health education in their own countries. 


Rawalpindi Medical College is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as well as by the General medical Council of U.K.  Our graduates also have,  temporary registration in the state of Illinois, U.S.A. 

Rawalpindi Medical College provides rigorous educational programs.  A string core of liberal teaching is the basis on which undergraduates develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes essential foe successful work, living and active, concerned citizenship. 

The college strives to remain current and relevant through an adequate program of continuing medicine development and the exploration of innovative schedules, methods, and curricular design in keeping with then various needs of its diverse students. 

The college has a distinguished record of research and scholarships.  Members of teaching staff have won some of the most prestigious awards made by government agencies and private foundations.  The college takes pride in the many scholarly books and articles written by members of teaching staff and in their contributions to upgrade the facilities provided to the humanity.  Wherever possible, students are involved in research projects, the results of which are integrated into related course of instructions. 


The Rawalpindi Medical College is committed to equality of access for all applicants and to equal opportunities for our diverse population of students. 

In accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy, the college aims to attract students from a wide variety of background and to ensure that no application or enrolled student is treated unfavorably as a result of their genders, ethnic group, nationality, disability, age or sexual orientation. 

All students and staff within the college are excepted to comply with this policy and ant breaches will be fully investigated.


It emphasizes four essential ingredients for the direction of the college: excellent and relevant instructions; high quality basis and applied researches and scholarships; responsive and effective  public and community service; and a comprehensive schedule of student development activities. 


Studying in the Rawalpindi Medical College offers a great opportunity to enjoy the cultural, social and sporting activities of the region.  The Rawalpindi Medical College is based in the heart of Rawalpindi city.  It is situated on Tipu Raod, off Murree Road, and the two roads join each other at Moti Mahal Plaza.  The host of social cultural and intellectual activities that this beautiful city has to offer when combined with the inner city flavor of Rawalpindi, provides a stimulating diversion from the busy academic schedules. 

Rawalpindi Medical College is about 30 minutes drive from Islamabad city.  Different bus stands are located at Morrir Hassan and Raja Bazar, and they are about 2Km from the college.  Theses bus stands are pick and drop points from many near by cities.  Main bus stand of the city is located in Pirwadhai.  Rawalpindi is also located to the main railway track, G.T. Road and Motorway-M2 to cities of the countries.  


Students are offered admissions according to the merit list made by the Chairman, Advisory Board, King Edward Medical College, Lahore. 

Before admission in the college students are required to go through a medical examination which is usually performed at side rooms of Latif auditorium in the premises of the college.  


Incharge is Professor Zafarullah Malik Kundi.  The library of the college has a major section in the campus with a total of 21,816 books in addition to the departmental libraries.  The facilities have been expanded by acquiring new books and international journals.  A referral center of CD-ROM has also been established. 

Department of Medical Illustration

This department is headed by Prof. Tassaduq Hussain Sheikh.  It has no audio-visual libirary and arrangements for review of medical video-programs.  This department provides audio-visual aids for teaching and clinico-pathological conferences.  


The College has total of four hostels, two for female and two for male students.  Prof. Imtiaz Ali is the Chief Warden for Boys’ Hostels and Dr. Iffat Ara is the Warden for girls’ hostels.  Senior students are accommodated in the cubicles while the juniors reside in dormantories.  Although all the hostels are not located at the campus itself, the transport to and from the hostels for students is arranged by the college free of cost. 


Prof. Nadeem H. Saiyid is incharge of College Transport.  The college has a fleet of buses which in addition to providing transportation for boarding students and shutting between college and teaching hospitals, are also available for educational and excursion trips.  Public transport is available to and from college to nearby all points of the city, RGH and to DHQ.  While hired conveyance is available for HFH. 


These include the museums of Anatomy, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Community Medicine and Pathology.  A vast array of specimens are available to provide the students with a vivid and clear understanding of processes being studied.  

Student affairs Section

A special student affairs section exists to coordinate and facilitate academic and extra-curricular activities of students.  It not only controls all student organizations, societies and clubs but also provides guidance on matters related to the college.  Prof. Kalida Waheed holds the current charge. 


There is a spacious mosque in the college campus as well as a prayer room for the ladies.


House in the basement of the college building, the Students Bookshop caters superbly to the demands of the students and faculty members.  With its special discount prices, the bookshop has been providing invaluable services for many years.


We believe in the sustenance of body as well as the mind.  The cafeteria located inside the college building provides excellent food in a congenial atmosphere at a reasonable cost. 


With a seating capacity of more than one thousand, the college auditorium is to host a number of academic as well as social events every year.


A Public Call Office located in the college premises is a valuable facility for students.  The Card Phones are available on the campus and the hostels.

Extra-Curriculum Activities

            The college Magazine “Shifa”

            Debating/Essay Contests

            Recreational Trips

            Students Federation for Poor Patients

               Medicos Aid Society

            Computer Society

            Photography / Audio Visual Society

            Green Task Force


Prof. Muhammad Hanif is incharge of sports.  The college offers a variety of recreational facilities for the students.  Theses include a basketball court, a tennis court, cricket, hockey and football grounds in addition to facilities for table tennis, a gymnasium and an active hiking club.  The annual sports week is the culmination of all sporting events and is symbolized by the active participants of large number of students and teachers. 

In the end, we hope during your stay at Rawalpindi Medical College, Embarking upon your professional career, you will bring with you the vigor and dynamism that will elevate the status of this prestigious institution even the greater heights. 


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